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During my time as web master I have created some web pages. On this page I will describe the most of those who have and is serious work.

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Developed: November 2006
Technique: PHP/XHTML/CSS/JavaScript

Co-worker: Texts and images where created by Mattias Olsson.

Commentary: My friend Mattias father wanted a website to show his work to promote his business.

Torsby Paintball HB

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Developed: Spring 2006
Technique: PHP/XHTML/CSS

Co-worker: The figures was created by Erik and most of the texts are written by Mattias Olsson.

Commentary: During spring 2006 I met Mattias Olsson. He was a man with a lot of ideas that he wanted to full fill. The first website in our cooperation was this website belonging to his newly started paint ball company.


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Developed: 2005/2006
Technique: ASP/XHTML/CSS

Co-worker: I received a layout in a photoshop document that I could freely modify. Feedback was sent by Petter Killander while I was creating the site.

Commentary: During the turn of the year 2005 and 2006 I received an assignment from Petter Killander who wanted to develop a site where students could switch, sell and buy books. The hardest part of this assignment was to check if correct information was filled into the web forms and also warn the user if it wasn't.

Jönköpings OK

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Developed: 2004/2005
Technique: ASP/HTML/CSS

Co-worker: I've done everything on this with just some feedback on my work from one of the members in the club. Therefor it was a weary flexible work.

Commentary: This was my first "real" web page and I didn't really know how to handle XHTML and CSS. Therefor my layout is based on tables and some other errors. The frames was a demand from the club since they where concerned with the size of the header image and how long time it would take to reload the page. This site contains a lot of advanced functions such as RSS, RSS reader who put others news on JOKs start page. An administration part which allows administration of the members list, uploading of images, writing news and a whole lot of other features.