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Updated 2006-12-02 3:31AM by Christoffer Lilja

You have come to Christoffer Liljas private homepage where you can get tips and ideas to your own homepage. The main idea is that I will gather information about a lot of stuff and either write about or link to it. Besides this the site is a presentation about me as a web designer when the site itself show you what I can do.

2006-12-02 Simple PHP & AJAX example

I couldn't find any good simple and easy to understand yet advanced examples on the web that described how to connect use AJAX technique to exchange data between an HTML page and a PHP script so I created my own.

See the script simple ajax and php example in action or read more about it.

2006-11-17 One new site in my portfolio

I've had a lot of school work to complete lately with 4 exams this week. I'm feeling kind a stressed right now.

Any way, I've almost completed another site verandan.se. It's a simple site who uses PHP to include files and send emails. I discovered lightbox 2 recently and it was perfect for this site where my client wanted to show his work.

2006-10-07 Updated design, again

I think both you and I agree about the ugly design my last page suffered from. Today I couldn't stand it any longer so I did something about it. You are looking at the results right now. I hope that you like it? :) I would really appreciate some feedback. You can send me a message at the Contact me page.

2006-10-06 Updated map code and information

Tonight I fixed the code of my Google map page and I added more information. Most of the information can only bee seen if you view the map in full screen. It's not true full screen but as close as I could come with my code :)

2006-10-03 New showcase site

I've created a showcase page where I show my professional creations.

2006-10-02 New contact form

I don't really like to publish my email in web pages because it usually result in a lot of Spam. But sometimes my visitors need to contact me so I've created this email form which sends emails to my personal email address.

2006-10-02 New updated map

I updated the map today with new functions and information. Check out Map over UCF for more information and find out about the different locations I pass almost every day at UCF, orlando, USA.

2006-09-30 New design

Once again I have created another homepage. The goal this time was to follow as many standards as possible so that even people with functional disability will be able to view this site.

This site is tested in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Lynx. All resolutions greater than 640x480 is fine but 1021x768 is recommended.

This site is also valid XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2.0

2006-08-19 Resedagboken.se and a Map

I think that I will mostly write about my travel to USA at resdagboken.se where my name is lilja85. This site will be updated with stuff such as the map over the UCF campus. At resdagboken.se thses large images is scaled down so that you can't see the details...

2006-08-18 First day in USA/Orlando

I have finally arrived and started to get used to all new things that this means. All three persons from Jönköping was allocated into different apartments :( I succeeded in talking one of my room mates into moving so I think that we, the swedes, could have a little chance of moving into the same apartment.

If you would like to see pictures you can do so here: First day and my room.