Coding for the web

Updated 2006-12-02 02:05 by Christoffer Lilja

Due to my interest in web programming I often see interesting code. Some of these that I like the most will be posted here after I've studied and tested them.


All over the Internet you can hear people talking about a new technique called AJAX. AJAX stands Asynchronous JavaScript and XML and is a technique to update parts of the web page without ever having to reload it. Google Maps is a great example on this since it would take years to download all maps.

After searching the for quite some time on how to create code like that by yourself I decided to create my own example since I could find any good and simple on the web who exchanged information between the HTML page and a PHP page. Most of the scripts I found where too easy or to advanced like scriptaculous or sajax.

My code should be easy to understand since I've got a lot of comments where I believe it's necessary. Please give me feedback on the code and how I can improve it while it's still simple. I don't want it too advanced like the others out on the web.